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10-01-2007, 05:04 PM
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Originally posted by Super MooCow
please dont tell me that people are judging Labs only on ONE game...this man has PROVEN himself (and more) in the minors and proved he can handle the NHL in 05-06...he'll do just fine this for the youngster...well i think we should keep the 3 goalie rotation and see how he keeps up, giving him 1/3 or less of the season..Crawford should be very gentle on that matter...lets not put him in the same sentence with Storr.
I don't know why people are saying it is only one game. It has not been just one game. He's had a couple of preseason games and he hasn't been impressive. He's been panicky, slow and has not shown any desire whatsoever.

Also, last year, he came into camp out of shape and uninspired. This is his 3rd opportunity and he is blowing it. He's signed for one more year. Luckily it is under a mil.

Also, let's put the Storr comparisons to rest. Bottom line is, Storr has only himself to blame. The kings were very patient with him.

Enough of this "we need to be gentle with Bernier" crap. He is not going to win all 82 games. He is going to lose a couple of games.

Fleury had a terrible defense and inexperienced team in front of him in Pitt. He was thrown to the wolves.

Bernier, on paper, will have a better defense and team in front of him. I'm comparing 1st seasons. We all know Pitt has a better team right now.

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