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10-01-2007, 06:54 PM
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Maybe this should be a new thread but since the current topic of Labarbara has already been discussed ad naseum..

I am curious what everyone thinks the Kings WILL do and/or should do this season if:
-Labarbara can't turn it around
-Bernier plays as good with a few bumps in the road and DL decides he should wait a year (or is this even a possibility if he keeps the same level of play up?)
-Aubin is out for at least 3 months and/or isn't fit to start 30+ games.
-Cloutier doesn't improve in the AHL leaving DL without the option of recalling him.

Long story short, if nothing changes in regards to the way these goalies are playing and Aubin is hurt for a significant period of time. What do the Kings do (if anything)? What should they do?

Will they make a trade? If so, for whom? And under what circumstances, aside from lousy playing, do you think they would opt to send Bernier back to Juniors?

EDIT: If they were able to rotate 3 goalies that would give them 27 games until they had to make a decision about Bernier. Do you think Cloutier could be making a case to come back up by the end of November or early December?

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