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10-01-2007, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Stimpy View Post
The Caps have been picked from 3rd to 15th in the East. It's a C(r)ap shoot, this year. Just wait and see.

yeah. i've noticed:
--fans seem to be at the high end of that spectrum, believing the team will win the SE outright or probably battle for a playoff spot
--close observers and knowledgable journalists seem to be mostly in the middle, thinking the division crown could be possible if everything happens right, but mainly the caps should be on the bubble for a playoff spot
--and large, distant media services--the kind that think Ben Clymer is a still a defenseman--tend to put the Capitals still in the basement, drawing off past results more than expected performance.

All three schools of thought have a few relative strong points, but also a lot of questions. How those questions are answered, obviously, will determine how season pans out...It will make some look pretty smart and some look like fools that over or under-estimated the team.

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