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10-01-2007, 11:28 PM
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"There's only one right way"

I'm going to try my best to describe something that happened tonight during a team practice. This was something said to me and nothing someone has ever tried to criticize me on has ever bothered me quite like this.

After a practice, I was told by two teammates that I "always look for the hardest possible play".

We were in a 2 on 2 scrimmage with our goalie just taking turns going up against each other. My teammate I was partnered with who is also my linemate is very simple, he drives to the outside every time, and centers the puck into the slot or right on goal.

The problem is that I don't play like that. For example, there was one point where my teammate was in front of the net and was absolutely not in position for any type of deflection or shot, and was doing no job of screening the goalie. So when I was pressured by the D, I felt I could beat him and pulled a simple move. Even though I beat him, I was ridiculed for not simply throwing the puck at the net. I told them all that if they're not moving around, then they're not open for a pass. It just flew over their heads.

My style of play is that if I don't see something I like, i slow it down, take my time, and try to find something I am confident with. Almost all my teammates have one set play in their mind when they have the puck and they will attempt it no matter the chance of it actually working. The problem is that if I try to beat someone 1v1 when I feel a pass simply isn't there, and looks a lot worse than if I had just tried the pass and had it blocked off.

They tell me that I always look for the hardest possible play, I will try something ridiculous when the simple pass is there. I don't feel this is true at all, so I tried to explain to them that I view the game differently. What they may think is a sure pass, to me, is viewed as a high risk pass where I have a better chance to try something else.

Upon saying that I feel I just view the game differently, I was told "There is only one right way to view the game".

When playing in games, I've produced more goals and played far better with a teammate of a lesser caliber than the one I play with right now simply because he doesn't let me play my game. My job is to go to the net, all the time, always, and wait for the certain centering pass. Just stay there and wait. I can't stand this, my game is to constantly be moving waiting to get open for a quick shot.

This is more of a rant than anything but comments are welcome and appreciated. Some people just can't accept that I play a different style of hockey than them, and I need a partner who is willing to work with that in order to produce. To them, I'm just a bad hockey player. I've actually been dubbed the name Nylander in reference to how I work with the puck. I'm not sure how that's supposed to be demeaning actually...

Anyone with similar stories of teammates they don't play well with? I'm not quite sure how to deal with this since every time I have an opinion on my team, it is just tossed out the window. I should probably find a new one >.<

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