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10-01-2007, 11:48 PM
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My local rink has 8 locker rooms. Earlier today I went to a pickup game came back to the locker room after we were done playing and found the locker room filled with a team of 12 year olds. They aren't even supposed to use that locker room, but since it's the closest one to the rink they were going to use (the one we were on) and the room was open they decided to pile in and take up all the space. The benches were full and the kids had thrown my bag on the floor and totally taken up my part of the bench.

I was pretty annoyed, but I decided to be cool about it. But still, I wish the management would police the locker rooms a bit better, I shouldn't have to deal with other people's spoiled kids messing with my stuff and acting like brats.

Anyone else find themselves in similar situations at their LHR's?

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