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10-02-2007, 12:47 AM
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yeah it's like I said, I'm a very patient player. My game is to control the speed of everything. A lot of the time when I'm coming down the wing I'll slow myself down for a second or two and then skate real hard and speed up again. Or I'll make a quick stop , wait till someone challenges me and move around again. Things like this I feel let me control how and when a player is going to challenge me, and that makes it all the more easy for me to find a good pass or get myself into scoring position.

If I'm carrying the puck up and I don't see any play, I turn around, and I start over. This pisses off my teammates quite a bit but I don't like turning the puck over. I'm smaller than most people too so what to them is a simple play where they will dip their shoulder and throw a pass by someone into the slot.....well that gets me thrown down every time I would dare to attempt it. They don't know what it's like to have people box you out so easily because you cannot overpower them, so I dangle to compensate. Even if I need to learn a few new moves =P

I guess I'm not very oldschool. The thing they simply cannot comprehend is that what seems like a flashy unnecessary play to them, is instinct to me, whether it works or not.

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