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10-02-2007, 08:32 AM
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In Ontario in general you play where you live.
A little bit of an exception is the GTA. In the GTA you would normally play in GTHL. Within the GTHL there are no geographical restriction. You can play on any of the 12 AAA organizations, about 40 or so AA and many A's.
AAA organizations cannot be affiliated with AA/A and are by themselves.
Sounds good so far. Here's the downside, these organizations are privatley owned and eventhough they are 'non profit' the owners make money at it. As a result it is quite pricey to play in the GTHL. There are a number of GTHL teams with paid coaches.
If you live outside of the GTHL boundaries you play where you live. These organizations typically have houseleague all the way up to AAA teams. They are community based and generally subsidized by the city or region. To play there is cheaper than in the GTHL but you don't pick where you want to play. So if the coach in your age group is a total jerk you're stuck with him. You can ask for a release, but only after the first tryout. Some organizations will not give releases other will not allow imports. Which makes it a real pain in the ass.
A couple of situation I've seen last year.
One kid (a goalie) lives just east of the GTHL territory and wanted to come play on my sons team. The coach would have taken him, but his home organization doesn't give releases and now he's stuck. Would he live acrosse the street he could have played in the GTHL.
Another parent also from the eastend had a fall out with the organization and wanted to get out. They wouldn't give him a release, so he moved his wife and kid within the GTHL boundaries in order for his kid to play there. He still lives outside of the GTHL boundaries.
One of our current goalies also is from outside the GTA. After he got cut from his hometown AAA team he got a release. But he had to get 6 releases in total as each organization between his hometown and the GTA had to release him.
For those that are familiar with the area. He is from Hamilton and had to be released by both Hamilton teams, Burlington, Oakville, Halton Hills and Brampton.

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