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Originally Posted by brymel View Post
My son plays Tier I AAA hockey, which is the highest level of youth hockey that your kid can play. For reference, house/rec hockey is usually considered B league. Travel teams are your A teams, and your highest level of travel team is your AA team. This is what I call "club" hockey. AAA hockey in Illinois only starts at your squirt major year through Midget Major. Each AAA club in Illinois has one team at each level, so if your kid doesn't make a team, you don't play for that club. I do know that Minnesota is different. From what I understand, they don't or didn't adopt USA hockey rules, and are kind of on their own. Their high school system is a lot stronger then ours. So for many talented kids in Illinois, high school hockey isn't an option. AAA is.
So coaches start getting paid at which level?

Oddly, as far as I know (and I've been around a long time ) there has never been high school hockey here. On the other hand, maybe it's not so odd - there are so many opportunities for kids to play hockey outside of school that it's probably a better use of time (and finances) to offer other activities.

This is starting to change, though. At a high school a little way from here they are offering an academy-type program for the first time this year. The kids are in the regular academic program, but rather than a regular phys. ed. class they concentrate on hockey. There is no team, though, and they don't compete with other schools.

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