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03-17-2004, 06:17 PM
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Good grief. The whole thing is just stupid. If raising the level of donations to the food bank is the driving force beind this idea, why don't they make the rule instead that canned food donations will be asked from ANYBODY wearing ANY jersey? Or just request donations from anybody who comes in, period. You know, target the *entire* arena rather than the people being "offensive" by wearing Leaf jerseys? On the other hand, if raising the level of donations is NOT the driving force behind this idea... why the hell isn't it???

How do they figure that targetting 20-30% of the arena is the best way to drum up donations to charity? If there's anything offensive here to me, it's that the mayor is trivializing an event that should be centred around accumulating as many donations as possible by gearing it towards the Leafs fans in *their* arena, and thus only targetting 20% of the available spectators. Aim for 100% of the arena instead. I'm sure the people who need the food don't particularly care if it comes from someone wearnig a Leafs jersey or someone wearing a Senators jersey.

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