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10-02-2007, 05:51 PM
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I hope that when (not if) the Coyotes make the playoffs sometime, that we don't have a "Coyote Rally" on TV. It was basically Darron Sutton having an orgasm over the D'Backs for 30 minutes. There are so many bandwagon fans it's ridiculous. I despise Phoenix for that very fact, but it is hard to avoid when you have so many teams to follow.

When this team starts to win, only we (the fans who stuck around during thick and thin) will get the most out of it.

Let Gretzky have fun with it and let the kids run with it. The D'Backs, Suns and Cardinals are all doing this. None of them play a methodical system and often times it's just organized chaos but it's fun to watch and its a winning formula. Arizona should be home to the red tide and the high powered offense.

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