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10-02-2007, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by XavierX View Post

When this team starts to win, only we (the fans who stuck around during thick and thin) will get the most out of it.
See I have to differ, why do "true fans" feel it to wear a badge of honor that they stuck around threw thick and thin? and that others are somehow lesser fans. Frankly so called bandwagon fans don't bother me, I don't care, its to be expected. We live in a town that is much like others; in that when teams win folks go to games, no matter what the sport. When teams win fans come out. We dont live in NYC.

I'm a STH because I love hockey, and the Yotes. What pisses me off more than anything else is when a team wins (ala the DBacks) that folks don't come out.

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