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03-17-2004, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by imox77
Well if it was'nt true you would have a point but they caved in to the terrorist and your under the table money deals w/ Sadaam is disrespectful to Americans
Are you an international poli-sci major? no? who would've guessed. first, changing presidents after an attack is not caving into terrorists. we too surely will do it as well this november. second, spanairds protested a lot against sending troops so they were already pissed about something. 3, troops were sent without any proof other than some bigger jackass saying so. bush really makes dolan look like a genius. i never thought we'd ever have more comedic material from a president that from clinton but boy was i wrong. 4 spain is a country. spanish would be a language. spanairds who be the people. and if you watch any form of international news media, these people are not caving in. CNN is propaganda. just like you shouldn't judge persons based on their country, i'd hope other foreigners don't judge americans based on imox77's boarish comments. that "boarish" pov is why certain people in the world have a "kill ALL americans" attitude. they judge us based on what some big jackass does. that would be like blaming barnaby for jimmy dolans support of sather.

barnaby is awesome. i think teams whom we traded our best players to are seeing just why we liked them so much (col, van, tor)

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