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10-02-2007, 10:26 PM
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Well, I play wing, and one think that helps me is rotating. If say for instance, your Centre goes and gets the puck out of a corner, go to the net, take their position and then rotate back out when aplicable. Another tip is try to invision the play. When my teamates have the puck and are skating down, I try and think about where they may go with it. If you go to open area, make sure they can see you as its very hard to pass to someoen you don't see. Another thing is try not to stop skating, its alot easier to get open if you are constantly moving. I would also recommend, if you find yourself wiht the puck on your stick alot, look pass, but also look over your shooting options, doesnt hurt to be selfish SOMETIMES, but dont become what some call a puck hog.

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