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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
not really..considering with a full season of Mara...another year of growth from Tyutin....Girardis steadiness...Rozsvial is still the best defenseman...

Rozsival played with all heart last season...he got pounded and played hurt in the playoffs and played well..

Take Rozsival and Malik out of the Rangers lineup and the whole team would suffer...if you can see that or don't want to believe it I'm not going to be the guy ton convince you anyway..
Not really what? You don't think you're contradicting yourself? What is it: he's the best by virtue of his current competition (i.e., the rest of the guys suck), or because he supposedly "proved" something last year that you believe I missed and won't be able to see it again this season?

From the sounds of things you wish it to be the latter, in which case I'll reply with the following:

Who didn't play hurt last year in the playoffs? I'll give him credit for doing so, but it's not as if he was the only one "getting pounded and playing hurt."

Tyutin in another year will not be ahead of Rozsival? What about right now? You'd be hard pressed to argue that Tyutin is not all of the following:

- More physical
- Better equipped and more adept at playing men one-on-one and in odd man situations
- Better in recovery from a mistake (i.e., scrambling back to position or creatively stopping a man who has beaten him)
- Smarter with his outlet passes (less risk, but less reward)
- More efficient in his corner play
- A first unit PKer
- He's got a harder shot (although not the quicker release or accuracy)
- Lastly, but no less important than the rest: he's proven that he can cover well for his partner, especially one of the risk-taker variety (just look at his play with Kaspar and his spot pairings with offensive defenseman like Mara and Ozolinsh in the past).

Finally, though I will concede that this team would be worse off without Malik and Rozsival in the immediate sense I will say that it was never my contention otherwise.

You didn't lend this account to your sister, did you? This isn't the SOS I remember - you're sounding more like JR#9 than a competent poster.

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