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03-17-2004, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Mobis13
I hate when these threads get political but I have to comment on this.
me too.

Originally Posted by Mobis13
This BLANTENTLY says, "Ok, sorry about that Mr. Terrorist. We don't want to make you mad, and we know that having troops in Iraq really gets you going, so we'll get out of there as quickly as possible." All this does is fuel the mentality that, "If we kill them, we can get what we want." Great way to stand up to the greatest global threat.
Terrorism was not victorious. rather Democracy took a blow. Socialist party exploited that event to their fullest advantage.

but are you saying, God forbid, Al Qaeda attacks the US on november 9th that you'd reelect Bush just to stick it to the terrorists and show them who's boss? @$#% that man!

Originally Posted by Mobis13
And as to your comment on CNN being propoganda for the right-wing, hawkish public opinion machine - PLEASE. There isn't a more leftist major news organization out there.
CNN has enough spin to make a figure skater dizzy. The white house has that station by the leash and balls. They report only what the government lets them and that is not real journalism. Apart from the local news, i watch BBC and DW (german) news to learn what the hell is going on in this word. CNN isn't news. it's news entertainment.

but enough of that. let's just agree to disagree.

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