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10-03-2007, 11:20 AM
Still All In
Plz stop pucks
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You'll bounce back. Watch your diet and the things you do to the knee and don't miss a day of rehab. If you think your rehab is going too slow, you could be right, but bring it up to your doc first. (Had this happen with an ACL surgery with my father, after 8 weeks he was still dealing with issues from week 2).

I know something will drive you to be more physical, but DO NOT do it and risk further injury. I know it's hard, I struggle everytime with an injury because I hate sitting still.

In the mean time, work on the things you can control... perhaps workout doing upper body stuff... work on your shoulders/triceps so you can move people around more. Remember that playing hockey is the sum of parts of the body and even if one area is hurt, there are many other places to improve.

Cheers man, good luck with the PT. DON'T MISS IT!


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