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10-03-2007, 01:45 PM
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Originally posted by hotwheels
He loses 4-1 to the defending Stanley Cup champs and people are complaining? Give the guy a chance before you start he hate parade. At the 15 game mark (well when he starts 15 games), if he's still an atrocious goaltender, then you can start up the hate parade.

I have faith in the guy, i think he will be an NHL goaltender, as a back-up or a late bloomer as a starter. There are plenty of goaltenders that are mediocre to crappy at best when they first start out, as they learn the rope and start to learn things at their own learning curve and pace, they do pick up and get a lot better.
If it would have been one game, fine. But he also gave 3 goals in first 3 minutes of the game in Austria. He's given up some soft goals in the preseason games. He got lit up in Colorado.

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