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10-03-2007, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHotRock View Post
remember that time when the NHL was ready to overtake the NBA as the #3 pro league in the USA and then bettman ****ed it up? that was a good time.
That was a long time ago. The game is more boring, too many teams, no tradition. Moving a team from Minnesota just to move one right back? It all represents screw ups on Bettman's part. Does Nashville or Atlanta really need a team more than Quebec or Winnipeg? Ratings are down, no games on ESPN, poker and ****-coddling gets better rating's than us. New jerseys no one likes, new rules that arent too popular. Hockey was a game of passion. Under Bettman that has all dissapeared and the true blue collar fans that have always been there have been annhilated.

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