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10-03-2007, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by soapninja View Post
IMO you really don't want any of those shields, you're gonna want something about the same size that comes with the Mission helmet minimum but even then I'd want full facial protection.

Why? Because all of those shields stop at the nose and leave your mouth ready for serious dental damage. Even if you wear a mouthguard a stick or puck to the face can still cut you open.

As well, with any shield that isn't a full shield, while it may never happen, understand that there is a risk to have a stick come up underneath the shield and get you in the eye or nose anyway.

Personally I use an Itech Concept II because I don't want to take that risk for recreational league play. I can really only give you an honest recommendation on these types of facial protection:

It's up to you, but also realize a cage will outlast a shield as far as durability is concerned. You can extend the life of a shield by carrying it wrapped in a pillow case in your bag so it doesnt get scratched up, but it still won't outlast a cage.

A good choice is the cage combo that I linked. You really get the best of both worlds, a replaceable visor for extra clear vision and durable wire facial protection.
Agreed...and what's the problem with adding a lower cage part for your teeth? Plus you were debating cost effectiveness in your earlier posts and one of those combos costs less than a plain half shield (not to mention your dental bill later one). And mouth guards help prevent concussions and not your teeth.

That said...I would be wearing a 22 straight cut myself if pucks, sticks, and elbows weren't so attracted to my face.

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