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03-18-2004, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by windowlicker
Btw.... regarding the Hull "No Goal". The ref did make a judgement call that Hull had control of the puck when his skate entered the crease. Going by that, it is a goal, the Texans do deserve their Cup Rings. The real issue is, if you watch that whole sequence, Hull actually didnt have control of the puck when he entered the crease, thus making this a non-goal. Its not that it should have been no goal because his skate was in the crease, it should not have counted because the referee made a mistake and applied the correct rule to the wrong situation.
He most certainly did have control. The puck was shot from the point, and Hasek saved it. Hull entered the crease legally to get the puck, since you can pursue the puck into the crease. During the fight with Hasek for the puck, both Hull and the puck leave the crease. Hull is now standing outside the crease, with the puck. He kicks it to his stick, his skate enters the crease *legally* (since he has possession) (this is the infamous still picture you see, and then he shoots it and scores.

I was pulling for Peca and for Buffalo in that series, and it hurt, but that goal was completely legal.

I do agree the NHL was lucky, in that I don't think they reviewed the goal properly.

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