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03-18-2004, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Mobis13
I hate when these threads get political but I have to comment on this.

First off, Spain was attacked by terrorists 3 days before the election. The attack affected the results of the election greatly. The incumbant party was leading, by a good majority, in all polls before the attacks. The result of the attacks led to the socailst party in Spain to gain the nessacary seats to take control of the government. The first move by the new ruling party was to threaten to pull the troops out of Iraq.
This BLANTENTLY says, "Ok, sorry about that Mr. Terrorist. We don't want to make you mad, and we know that having troops in Iraq really gets you going, so we'll get out of there as quickly as possible." All this does is fuel the mentality that, "If we kill them, we can get what we want." Great way to stand up to the greatest global threat.

And as to your comment on CNN being propoganda for the right-wing, hawkish public opinion machine - PLEASE. There isn't a more leftist major news organization out there.

Again, Sorry to everyone for all the politics, but I feel very strongly about this.

By the way: Barnaby rocks!
Great Post. You touched on a lot of things that I wasnt gonna say because I didnt want to get into a political debate.

If you think that an attack 3 days before an election that seriously effects the results of the election on who leads a major country isn't a victory for the terrorists then I dont know what your smoking. The terrorists definately won here. If they can seriously effect the leadership group of a country to one better suited for their own agenda then I dont get how you can say that they didnt come out on top and that Spain didnt back down.

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