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03-18-2004, 08:55 AM
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But my question to you, TB is this...

Originally Posted by True Blue
The Rangers may not have given up much for Jagr, however if you are a rebuilding team, then why have a player like that? Rangers biggest problems were defense and clearing the crease and Jagr addresses none of those. One can make a case that Washington won the deal becuase they turned around and dealt Carter for a prospect. One can make a case that had the Rangers never dealt for Jagr, they would have been able to have another prospect becuase they could have dealt Carter themselves. So the argument of "who would you rather have, Carter or Jagr is moot". A true rebuilding team would have neither. And the Caps don't.
The Caps also freed themselves of any potential cap hit by trading Jagr. Instead the Rangers are going to be a rebuilding team that is taking an immidiate cap hit of $11m by having Jagr.
One cannot dispute that Jagr has played well since he has arrived here. However, when you are in a rebuilding mode, that's the player that you trade for a prospect. The Caps managed to do that AND lower their salary against any cap or luxury tax. The Rangers did not.
do you really want to add salary next year? If Jagr's ticket will be a deterrent or a burden on the Rangers' salary structure, then we won't see a rash of UFAs brought in, because they won't have the room for it. Therefore, more young players are likely to get a chance at playing for this this. Jagr has said he wants to be here. Granted, he made a rather ignorant statement about the fans not allowing for rebuilding, when we all know it's the media which completely intolerant of one. But, unlike Holik, who is walking around in a daze and I'm a little concerned about having around, Jagr seems to be enthused at being a Ranger. He gives the Dolan's the big ticket player they sell advertising around, and he can still be a dominant offensive player, something this team will need while the Balejs, Umbergers, Tyutins, Kondratievs and Ovechkins ( ) are finding their way.

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