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03-18-2004, 10:15 AM
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I wasn't necessarily agreeing with Sather re: Bure, but we've seen other skaters (Richter) come back from multiple knee injuries. If, in fact, Bure's knees were so shot, why keep playing? Why sign the contract?

My only point is, that injuries can be magnified if the desire of the individual to get healthy isn't there. Why do we some players recuperate more quickly (aside from age, which is a whole other issue), and some don't?

Jagr's groin seems less of an issue with the Rangers, outside the one major flare-up, maybe because he's EXCITED to be here, and WANTS to play? Maybe some players who aren't up to being in the New York spotlight aren't that thrilled with being on the team and take more time to return? Dunham, perhaps? I don't know, mere speculation.

Bure, Kasper, and others may have grevious injuries, and maybe that aren't connected to their will to play for the Rangers, and maybe they just aren't cashing checks, but Kasper and Bure both have played with indifference in the past, and not to the level we expected when we signed them. Both have had lots of garbage heaped on them, and may not look forward to returning to the ice to face the fans and media, who knows? Maybe the severity of their injuries have made them depressed and slowed the healing process?

I wish no ill will towards either of them, and hope they both recuperate fully, and my only point, is that the attitude of the individual towards healing their body is very related to their will to heal.

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