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03-18-2004, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by BLACKBURN
First off the spanish are not cowards,
Who said that?

"Since when has america actually sorted out another countrys problem?


Sorry, and what was the problem w/ Afghanistan? They were harboring a terrorist that admited to 9/11. The Taliban were not going to give him up. I have ZERO problems w/ leveling a country that harbors a criminal and mass-murderer.

As for Vietnam, didn't South Vietman ask for the US help w/ the North? That was right after France failed to do the same thing, right?

As for Iraq, I got to tell you that I (PERSONALLY) could absolutely care less that the WMD's were not found. Makes no difference to me. The bottom line is this. Hussien clearly had them and used them in the past. So, it's not like they evaporated. They are either hidden or in another country (Syria most likely). Either way, removing Hussien from power is a service to humanity. We're not talking about Ghandi here. This was a dictatory who used mustard gas both on his own people and Iran. Removing him from power would be akin to removing Hitler from power before he got a chance to inflict damage on the rest of the world. If the US was to bomb Berlin back in 1938 andn remove Hitler from power, how many lives would have been saved? To me, the world is better off w/o Hussien in power.

"The list goes on, I just cant remember the names of the more minor conflicts. "

Don't forget to list Serbia on you list. I'm sure that they would have been just as happy if Milosovic was still in power, committing genocide. Let's not forget that, back then, Clinton decided to intervene w/o the approval of the UN, and ALL the democrats cheered. Then there was also the saving of France from Hitler. I'm sure that they wish that we had kept our nose out of their business as well.
Strange how none of these countries seem to want to see US troops anywhere, but when it is time to help them, then that's ok. The only time Kuwait seems to have wanted to see US troops was when it was time to kick Hussien out of their own country. And for all of the talk of how the US needs to stay out of the Middle East, why is it that the Arab leaders want the US to intervend in the Israel/Palestine conflict? Seems to me that if you want the US stay out of the Middle East, it should extend to leaving the Arabs to deal w/ Israel on their own, right?

"Also he has a very low IQ, about the same as that of Dale Purinton I believe."

That's telling him. You showed him up. He'll stop now.

Oh yeah....go Matty.

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