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10-04-2007, 08:04 PM
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Good luck to your son

Owen, there is more goal instruction today than there was 20 years ago. I remember growing up with kids who had little formal instruction beyond cutting down angles.

I only replied because I've recently watched Sean Skinner's Breakaways, Penalty Shots, & Shootouts. All I could think the whole time is that this guy doesn't have any sympathy for goaltenders!! All he talks about is how he's studied all the ways to score and that we should see scoring increase going forward because shooters will now be armed with all this information.

I do recommend the video for your son if he needs help on stopping breakaways since Skinner indicates the ways a shooter can tip their next move. Carry the puck in front of you and it foretells a deke. To the side and the 'tender doesn't know. When the lower hand drops, that means a shot is coming. Good stuff I'd never given much thought.

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