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03-18-2004, 02:47 PM
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Not that I disagree with you ehc73, and kudos for explaining yourself, but this thread was rapidly running out of accountability for opinions. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would feel that way.

I think 4 on 4 would be good for the NHL for a variety of reasons believe it or not. I can't believe how people are discounting it because it would give skilled players the advantage. Are these the same people who say that the NHL is not diluted skillwise? Many people don't realize that the NHL used to play 6 on 6 at even strength PLUS the goalie, although it's become more widely known. The game didn't cease to exist, but I agree that dwindling down beyond that is not hockey.

I definitely favor the 5 on 4 power play over the 4 on 3 power play. I think injuries overall would be down in the league, and the scoring would increase slightly, but not so outrageously to tarnish the game.

A bigger problem for the NHL and acquiring a fan base to me is the flow of the game and how it responds to understanding what is going on. Unfortunately for many, new fans have no clue why a whistle is being blown and the delay in the game confuses people who don't know what an offsides or two line pass is. Not much you can do to counteract that unless you truely go street hockey, which no one is in favor of.

I do have a question for you all though, what impact does offsides bring to the game? What is the necessary evil of having yet another two fully grown men out there calls the lines? I'm not taking this as the ignorant fan approach, I want to see what you guys believe the benefits of offsides are.

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