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03-18-2004, 02:05 PM
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Unfortunately for many, new fans have no clue why a whistle is being blown and the delay in the game confuses people who don't know what an offsides or two line pass is.
Unfortunately -true.
Even if you've never played, it can be easy to understand given a little time. Watching a few games on TV, with a friend of someone that can explain rules should you have a question, and someone can pick up on it fast. Atleast, this is how I got my friend to understand hockey, and how my uncles got me to understand. If the new fan wants to learn, he or she can get it, but not right off the bat. But then again, aren't most sports?

I do have a question for you all though, what impact does offsides bring to the game
Well, without offsides, can't an opposing player just stake-out infront of the goalie and wait for the long-bomb pass?

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