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03-18-2004, 02:33 PM
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Fall out of an all Canadian final.

Earlier in the season when it looked like all 6 Canadian franchises may make the playoffs I started to think back about all the hubub from the american franchises in (89 was it? Calgary vs Montreal) the last time it was an all Canadian final. There has never been a more likely year for this unlikely senario to happen than this year. So my question is would it be really that bad for the game? And if it is I think it's a sign of bigger problems.

In theory it should be no different than an all American final or a mixed final for that matter. Yet I think it would further corrode the perception of our game to the average american (the same person the league is banking on to further grow the game). Bye average I mean non or casual hockey fans. So what's the problem? I think part of the problem is the avg american will never truely embrace the game because it's not an indiginous American sport and the fact that they are not dominant when it comes to the nationalities of the players. It's a kind of "I'm going to take my ball and go home" thing.

So my question is, is it really that big of a deal and if so why? Do you think that america will truely embrace hockey the way they do the other big league sports (aswell as golf, bowling and tennis among many other vastly inferiour sports). If the answer is no, then maybe the league should be looking at Europe instead of America where hockey already flourishes and where there is big money to be made. I think if America truly embrased hockey then by sheer numbers, funding and population I think there would be an invasion of awesome american hockey players produced that would outpace all the traditional hockey factories. Shy.

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