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03-18-2004, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by BigE

I'll give you my opinions here:

Dawes will never be considered a "Blue Chip" prospect but that isn't to say that he doesn't have great potential. Many are concerned that although he's got all of the skills, he may not be able to dominate the AHL or NHL the way he has the WHL. His size is a concern and that brings the possibility of him reaching his potential, down. Hence he's not considered a blue chipper.

Well said - and this is all I've said this entire post.

Lundqvist is a Swedish goaltender and from all the researchers I've talked to, they're raving about him right now. As I mentioned earlier, it looks as though he'll be the number one guy for Sweden's World Championship side. The Rangers have two great goaltender prospects right now and that may force Jason LaBarbera right out of the picture because I can't see him playing a backup to either Blackburn or Lundqvist next season in the A.

Lundqvist has played well, however is game is not tailor made for the NHL. Not saying he can't play here... There is a big concern about whether he can bring that game here. At this point, he is not a blue chip prospect (which is by definition - an NHL regular by projection). He could become one. LaBarbera was never considered more than a fringe NHL prospect - he has improved his game enough to become a good AHL goalie. He is not NHL caliber.

By the way I've read that this list was compiled by the HF staff and writers. I've read some of the articles and although I don't want to paint the entire bunch with one brush...I wasn't overly impressed. Take the rankings for what they're worth but remember that nothing is certain. Very much agreed - which was my point when I advised people not to pass judgement on prospects solely on the HF reviews.

BTW - IF you look in another post that I made on this board, I predicted that Dawes would be a good scorer for Hartford next year. I believe he will be successful in the transition to the AHL and will become a solid NHL player in the Gionta mold.

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