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Originally Posted by eyesonpuck View Post

Player from Canada going to the US to play in a Minor Pro league.

What insurance do you suggested and what is most needed.

And where do you get it?

Thank you.
USA hockey is a supplamental coverage. BUT, if you are NOT covered it becomes your primary coverage for all on ice and team activities(official).

As for Semi-pro I suggest talking to thte head office for the league you will be playing in. They will point you to the right place. Also consider what is called in the USA Supplimental Disability Coverage. It is an additional policy you take out on yourself that pays out for any hospital/emergency room visit. Mine also pays out for doctor care for flu or the common cold. Cost is generally around 15.00US per month.

Take a trip to the ER for stitches and they send 75.00US. go to the doctors for the FLu They send 75.00....Crash your quad runner and break a leg, they send 75.00 and 75.00 for each day your an inpatient. thats my policy outlay....each is different. I strongly suggest you talk with an insurance broker to find out whats what.

Contact your local government office regarding your coverage while in the States. There have been more recent changes to what is allowed.

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