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03-18-2004, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
For your information, Finland have the highest rate of suicide in the world. High rate in depression, alcolic and drugs problems. It's mainly because they keep their emotions for themselves, they almost never expresses their angryness of joy. It is considered as childish or a lack of self-control in their culture. Finlanders are the most flegmatic people on earth. Getting angry or laughing loud is more taboo for them than sex.

That's why they “implose by inside” in psychology terms when they face an emotion they can't handle. The total opposite of Italians. When a bus stop, nobody complain, they go out quietly and push the bus to the garage, when an car accident happens, they don't argue or get angry, they exchange their phone number politely. If you do travel in Finland, you'll find a very clean and quiet country with polite and respectous people.

Are you saying that Sax have a different mind from the rest of his cultural background?
Do you feel that Sax is emotional like an italian or a quebeker?
I feel it's a little more than silly to presume to know what goes on in Koivu's mind, and you've done this on many occasions in the past as well.

I also find it strange and judgmental to base your feelings on Koivu's thought process and what he's *exactly* thinking based on what you know of a country he grew up in.

Do you believe every Italian or Quebecois is the same in terms of mindset and philosophies? That's a very simplistic way of thinking, in my opinion.

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