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03-18-2004, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by MotownMadman
While I would personally mind an all Canadian final (because it would mean that Detroit wasn't in it), I don't think it would necessarily be bad for the game. Watching the Canucks battle the Leafs or the Flames and the Sens soar across the ice for up to 7 games would be great to watch. The networks would just have to hype it more in the U.S., but if the games are interesting, I think people would watch.

Consider last year. Jersey and Anaheim are both decent markets, but when people tuned in they mostly saw a bunch of grown men shooting a puck across the ice to no one or hanging all over each other like it was the St. Pat's day parade. It was hard enough for me to keep from flipping channels and so I doubt many people who weren't regular hockey fans kept tuning in to watch. Now, if you have an exciting game between two teams that most Americans couldn't find on a map an American may be less likely to tune in but more likely to watch the whole series and become interested. And maybe even tune in to a few games the next season.
good points...

hockey isn't in a situation where it needs to sell to specific markets... there is a long way to go to get there IMO.

Hockey is in a situation where they just need to sell the game period!

having an all Canadian final between two offensive type teams will get a lot more Americans interested in the sport than having two trapping teams play a 7 game series....

no doubt the best of both worlds would be what the NHL wants... Detroit or Colorado in the finals against Philly or Boston... but if the NHL is focused on selling the game to the general sports fan, then giving them a team like Vancouver or Ottawa, or any of the other canadian teams that don't have a sutter coaching :p will bring fans in more so than getting new fans to enjoy watching 240 + minutes of trap hockey!

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