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03-18-2004, 06:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Malefic74
I disagree. Generating a fan base is not an overnight process. It takes time. Yet now all of a sudden we expect teams in new markets to draw numbers like a bingo caller on speed? It doesn't work that way.

It was often heard in the late 60s that the average citizen of Philadelphia (home of the Phillies, Eagles and 76ers) would never truly embrace the game or the Flyers. Time has proven otherwise. Ditto for St. Louis. Pittsburgh. Buffalo. Long Island. Denver. Minnesota. And yet every single one of those cities went through the growing pains that are affecting Tampa Bay, Florida, San Jose and Phoenix. So if it took those places 5 to 15 years to get their fan base and get their teams on to the first page of the sports section, why not extend the benefit of the doubt to the Sun Belt expansion cities. Anything less would be hypocritical in the extreme.
I hear what you're saying... the difference is that we don't live in the 60s economic market... it's not even close to the 80s or 90s market...

5 to 15 years now means huge revenues... talking hundreds of millions, if not billions, when you factor in everything from ticket sales, to merchandise to other market avenues...

20 years ago you could give a team time to grow a market... now it's about which market can give you the most right away... this becomes more of a concern when you have huge markets like Houston without a team... can't also discount the $$ earned from corporation as well... will Nike for example dish out the same endorsment $$ for it's name in Detroit as it would in Nashville??

hell look at the situation with Staples center and GM Place... they weren't far apart in signing their deals, yet the difference was in the hundreds of millions overall... of course there is no comparison between the two markets, but that's why markets are so important now.

hockey was never as big a business as it is now... the revenues and the profits to be made were never at this scale... the marketing options and revenue generation from other streams created by hockey in a market were never this huge... and this leads directly to the fact that the differences in what revenues can be generated are huge from market to market.

all these things now need to be considered... as an owner if I'm looking at losing money in a non-hockey market right now, do I pass up the opportunity to make millions over the next 5-15 years somewhere else, or do I swallow my losses now and hope that things turn around??

not saying that any other market is more of a guarentee, but the fact that you have to consider it has to be there... only through in-depth analysis of this can you know if it's a good and worthwhile bet to move or stay where you are in a currently weak market.

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