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03-18-2004, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO

all these things now need to be considered... as an owner if I'm looking at losing money in a non-hockey market right now, do I pass up the opportunity to make millions over the next 5-15 years somewhere else, or do I swallow my losses now and hope that things turn around??

not saying that any other market is more of a guarentee, but the fact that you have to consider it has to be there... only through in-depth analysis of this can you know if it's a good and worthwhile bet to move or stay where you are in a currently weak market.
The problem there is that many markets that were traditionally strong ones have really fallen off the map. Chicago and Boston spring immediately to mind. New Jersey has the reighning Stanley Cup Champions and can't draw flies. 2 Original 6 teams and the champs being outdrawn by Columbus, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, San Jose and Nashville. Not good.

If it was just the young teams doing poorly then the argument is much simpler, but when the established ones start to decline noticeably it points to a much deeper problem. Not the tired old line of "well Americans just don't get hockey."

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