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03-18-2004, 06:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
It's not an attack on HABitude. I was pointing out that--once again--HABitude was speculating as to what Koivu's thinking and posting it as fact. I have nothing against HABitude the poster except his tendencies to post Koivu's mindset then later deny ever doing so. I find this generally a nuisance, despite finding HABitude the poster as generally good humoured with good content.

How's that for being political? :p

LOL! Man thats great! What I like here is the different personnalities that actually show, its not a bunch of idiots or politically correct people, its balanced(even though theres a good number of people that drive me nuts).

Good post nonetheless, your last line gave me a good laugh.

EDIT: You'll also notice my username, of course I see HABitudes attacks on Koivu , I always take em with a grain of salt(or a kilo of cocain).

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