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03-18-2004, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by ShyCheetah
Earlier in the season when it looked like all 6 Canadian franchises may make the playoffs I started to think back about all the hubub from the american franchises in (89 was it? Calgary vs Montreal) the last time it was an all Canadian final.
I'm wondering where all this "hubub" you speak of was coming from? As one who was a fan circa '89, I respectfully consider that hyperbole. League didn't even have a national contract with US network TV at that time (it was on cable in the States), so it wasn't a matter of fatcat TV execs worried about their ratings. And while there likely was a very small contingent of jingoistic US hockey fans who decried no American-based team in the Finals, it likely wasn't even as large a number as there were so-called hockey fans on this very board last spring bragging about how they weren't watching the "dull" playoffs (codewords for "my team has been eliminated, so I'm going to my room and ignoring hockey. :p )

Originally Posted by Malefic74
I disagree. Generating a fan base is not an overnight process. It takes time. Yet now all of a sudden we expect teams in new markets to draw numbers like a bingo caller on speed? It doesn't work that way.
Absolutely correct. It takes persistence, business sense and patience.

Considering that the typical HF poster wants to fire his team's coach, and GM and overturn the entire roster following a two-game losing streak, that third characteristic is not to be found around these parts. :p

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