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03-18-2004, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by anon
Holy ethnic stereotypes, Batman! You've managed to generalize Finns, Italians and Quebekers as all relatively homogeneous groups. That's impressive. As for Saku being emotional, I say hell yes. The way he celebrates when a big goal is scored (look at Thomas the poster's avatar), the way he throws a check when he's trying to pump up the team (ask Vasicek, among others), the way he publicly admitted how scared he was when he was first diagnosed with cancer (sorry I can't find the article). I would not say he fits the mold of your stereotypical Finn who keeps everything to himself.
Right now Saku don't fit in the mold of stereotypical Finn who keeps everything to himself I will agree with you, what I wrote is SINCE the Koivu-Ribs incident there is a new Koivu who is showing much more emotions and is having a new kind of leadership in the lockeroom. He was quiet before, he is more extravertial now. If you don't beleive me on this, just read the beat journalists ...or just compare what you saw from him before and what you see from him now.

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