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03-18-2004, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by ZeroTheHero
I don't know about that... He looked kinda horrible when he stepped in as a starter in San Josť when Nabokob was holding out...
Its also kinda funny that as soon as he went to the flames, he started playing well--There was no warm-up period or a couple of bad games to shake off, He was instantly a success in Calgary--BTW, flame fans should thank Warren Strelow for that one--I'd say Sutter too, but you've likely already done that

Kipper never had a legit shot to be the #1 in SJ--And Kipper knew this. You think that when Nabby returned that management would just bump Nabby to #2, without a shot? I don't think so. And even if Kipper did play well in Nabby's absence, all it really would have done is force Nabby to sign quicker.

All kipper needed was to be given a shot--Its no mystery why Kipper ended up in CGY, and that CGY was willing to send a 2nd in the deep 05' draft to get an unproven starter. Sutter knew exactly what he was doing. All other interested teams were probably offering dog crap. No doubt SJ would rather have Kipper wasting away in the system than to give him up for nothing.

Truely a trade that benefitted both teams.

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