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Originally Posted by sk84fun_dc View Post
KDB - thanks, I wrote the question succinctly, but your discussion is exactly the debate I had in reviewing all the rules and what did or did not apply and whether the 30/10 became a de facto requirement or not.

IB - I understand about the paper transaction and the player briefly being back on the NHL roster after clearing re-entry and then re-assigning him (the Caps made temp. room to recall him.) And I know LeClair cleared waivers, then re-entry waivers and then was reassigned to the AHL (similar to Clymer although LeClair wasn't required to report), but are you saying LeClair's situation provides the answer to the question? How?

You wrote "Re-Entry waivers is required for each attempt to bring a player [who is subject to Re-Entry Waivers] from the AHL to the NHL."

That was my first reaction, it would be required each time, but for the reasons KDB describes above I was wondering if the 30/10 became a de facto requirement. Is this part about re-entry is required each time in the CBA?

Thanks again
Both the LeClair and Clymer situations also beg the question of "must ask Re-Entry Waivers" vs "can ask Re-Entry Waivers".

For Regular Waivers, there seem to have been situations where a team asked waivers when they did not have to. Case in point, Todd Marchant - he was waived by Columbus, cleared waivers, but was not sent down, while Doug MacLean desparately tried to work out a trade. MacLean was unsuccessful and finally waived Marchant again, and Todd was claimed by Anaheim. Since Marchant had cleared once (and not met the 10 game 30 day limits again) the second set of waivers would not have been necessary - but Columbus who was looking to dump Marchant and wanting him to be claimed asked Waivers again.

So (absent definitive backup of IB's interpretation) - could a team that is hoping for a player to be claimed on Re-Entry Waivers (save half of the salary dollars and not care about the cap hit) ask Re-Entry waivers again, even if not required (a la Marchant, going the other way)?

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