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03-18-2004, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by PurCHAOS
Apart Gainey, there is Andre Savard (we all know he's a draft genius and good talent analyst), Pierre Gauthier (was GM of the Mighty Ducks for a while, can't be that bad...), Trevor Timmins, Claude Julien of course (some may still not like him, but give the guy credit for the awesome job he's doing with this team), Doug Jarvis at Hamilton... I don't know for you, but it's quite different than the Houle-era, isn't it ?

Edit: Forgot to add CJ
Where do you get the idea that Savard is a draft genius and good talent analyst???? It was Savard who sent Michael Ryder to the ECHL because he said he could not make the lineup at the Ciditels. Ryder went down there and made a great showing proving Savard wrong, Savard then had to bring him back up, only to sit him again and not give him a chance with the Citidels. Then, the great Savard sent Ryder down to the ECHL again. Ryder proved him wrong again, and he was brought back to the AHL, where he sat again. Savard would not give the OK for him to play because he said he was not good enough. It was only after a couple of months into last season in Hamiliton, that Julien, after coaching Ryder in Hull and knowing what the guy could develop into, finally convinced Savard to let him play Ryder, than he was given his shot. And as they say, "the rest is history". Ryder was slow developing only because the great Savard held him back. Ryder could have played for the Habs long before now if Savard only gave him a chance, and let Julien play him like he was asking. Savard was very close to destroying Micheal Ryder's career. Thats why Ryder has so much respect for Claude Julien, because he saw the potential in Ryder and gave him that shot, and because he pushed Savard for permission to use him. Savard....draft genius.... good talent analyst.... my a$$.

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