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03-18-2004, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Marconius
I always find it interesting when those who want to eradicate fighting bring up the NFL as an agressive sport that doesn't need fighters to police themselves. They seem to forget that while the body contact is similar, hockey players are given a wooden (nay aluminum or graphite) spear and then effectively have blades strapped to their feet.
Not only that, but could a 350 fat-a** go out and be effective on a hockey team? NO, because he couldn't get a 35 second break after every play (which last at the longest 1 minute, and that's if a guy runs the whole length of the field in one play). I don't want to try comparing football to hockey, but in reality it takes a better athlete (note I didn't say more talented player) to play hockey IN GENERAL (not in all cases or positions). Then you factor in the "weapons"...

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