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10-07-2007, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by nine_inch_fang View Post
The amusing part is the fact that you act like they do nothing wrong. If just every once in a while when there is a rehash article about attendance or a dogassed opinion piece trying to be passed off as a news article you could say "yeah that sucked" people would be more open to your support of the paper.
Does this count (from another thread):
"I don't disagree. We should have hired someone who knew hockey to be a columnist and the beat reporter. Blame the editor (not sports editor, the editor) at the time. He was a big football fan. Didn't know squat about hockey.

I disagree that Biddle and Climer and the paper want the Preds to leave and would be happy that they did. I think what you're missing is that they simply don't care either way. A significant difference."

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