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Originally Posted by vivianmb View Post
hello guys ... gloves can be REPALMED .
tackla pants are extremely comfortable
some of these new helmets look ridiculous. get a simple ccm or bauer.
skates deteriate the quickest. after your done skating,remove the footpad or whatever you'd like to call it and let them dry . put PROTECT-TOE on the front toecap. use it liberally.
yes pull out the insole to preserve the rivets, but rivets can be replaced cheaply its not that big a deal (2$ a rivet)
i dont like toe pro i want my skate to look like ive played before, that stuff doesnt structually help anything, it would take 15 years of playing for the wear to loosen the stitching that much and one hell of a shot to break it.

Dont use black tape for the knob on your stick, its corrosive and destroys the leather on your palm

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