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Originally Posted by Irish Blues View Post

Again ... this paragraph gives no exemption period for Recall Waivers. Thus, a player brought up on Recall Waivers on Monday, clears on Tuesday and is immediately sent back down [having cleared Regular Waivers within 10 games / 30 days] would require Recall Waivers on Wednesday or at any other point during the League Year [while Article 13 applies].

-- On a side note, I'd agree with kdb from a different thread about how a 2nd recall waiver situation is handled ... but that's for a different thread.
You lost me with your sidenote

To the question, my first reaction to this situation and reading the rules was that the player would have to go through re-entry again (not just by choice as KDB suggests could be possible if it was not required); my issue in reading the portion you cited is while I agree there is no exemption time period noted, the waiver de facto argument is logical, too, since it simply says a player has to clear re-entry. Anyway, I'll go with your interpretation on this one, but it would be so much clearer if it said every time.


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