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03-18-2004, 11:36 PM
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Originally Posted by BigE
Forgive me if I'm way out of line here but what makes you so damn sure that you're correct? I don't remember seeing any sign on the way in that reads: "Park is the be all, end all, of hockey knowledge."

I've tried to remain civil but it gets irritating when it seems as though there is no other alternative in your mind other than your own opinion.

You may very well be right in that he could be left off the least I'm willing to acknowledge that. I've yet to see you concede any points, in any discussions so far. Which, to be quite frank, makes me shake my head. The condescending tone with which you take issue with everything that you disagree with is unneccesary and the "be thankful"'s are just arrogant. As if you are above the rest of us...

If I were to object to every single point that you've made, that I disagree with in this thread alone, we'd be here until three in the morning.

A discussion like this is for everyone to state their own opinion. It's great to disagree and to counter-point one another but to constantly poke and jab with the same thing, over and over again has just become tiresome.

This IS the last I'll speak of this because I'm not looking to cause a non-hockey argument here and I certainly am not trying to offend you personally. I'm merely throwing something out there, as a suggestion.
Also, just so it doesn't get lost in here, I said that personally I would put Tyutin in the 30-45 range.... So on my prospect list he's there! I just said, it wouldn't surprise me if he's left off - which is where all of this started....

The reason is that I could understand if the people making the list chose others. That's all.

Hope this helped a little.... =)

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