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03-18-2004, 11:43 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark
Let's try this then: compare them against their peers. I've run the stats, and as it turns out there are 45 "regular" goalies, and almost 700 "regular" players (898 total with atleast 1 game). Now, if you take Ryder, he ranks 32nd of 700 in points (top 5%), 46th in goals (top 7%), 30th in assists (top 4.3%), and 174th in +/- (top 25%) of all regular players. Even if you exclude defensemen, he stays in the top 10% of all comparable players.

Next is Raycroft: 6th of 45 in GAA (top 13%), 4th in save pct (top 9%), 10th in wins (top 22%), and 18th in shutouts (top 40%).

As you can see, Ryder is in the higher percentile of comparable players than raycroft is. Remember that this is a goalie favoured league (as explored above on this board), and people who rank highly in scoring must be doing a great job. So, up to now I would argue that Ryder deserves the award. Remember, this isn't team MVP voting, this is top rookie PERIOD voting. So RAYCROFT definitely deserves 2nd.
To me, Ryder's peers are top 6 forwards (about 210 at 7 per team) and Raycroft's peers are starting goalies (30-40). Your stats are kind of skewed, you can't really compare Ryder with plummers who only play 30 or 40 games or compare his stats to guys on a checking or energy line.

Raycroft is probably in the top 5 for goalies performances on the year and will probably even get some Vezina votes. And lots of those guys ahead of him for GAA and such aren't true starters.

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