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03-18-2004, 10:57 PM
Breck Av
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The NHL should have invested more in making a poor man's NFL Films. NHL highlight's, for the most part, are terrible. We get the same replay's from the same angles, most of the time a casual fan has no clue what's happening, let alone where the puck is.

How many times do we see a replay of a goal and the camera pans from the shooter to the goal and it misses everything, you can't see where the goalie was beaten. One-timers almost always get butchered.

NFL Films did a brilliant job of filming games since the 1960's. There are amazing color shots of great players from the past, guys like Jim Brown, Floyd Little, Dick Butkus, etc can be seen in almost the same way as new stars like Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, and Clinton Portis.

The NHL, in contrast, is stuck with crappy game tapes, contests even in the 1980's look severely dated. Forget about anything before that.

The only hope for hockey is that it takes the great clarity of HD TV and adds on some other innovations. Cameras from above the net and in the net were a good start in the '90's. During the 2001 SCF's ABC added a "Matrix"-style camera system that gave replays from 360 degree angles. I haven't seen that used since then. During this years All-Star Game they used the camera from mid-ice, I think they called it the "Eye in the Sky" or something. It wasn't that great but at least they tried something new.

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