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03-18-2004, 11:04 PM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyB11
Can I ask you to please identify some of the "many hurdles" that AS placed in Ryder's way? And where did you find that Savard didn't like Ryder, specifically the part about Houle having picked him???

Come on... Ryder's rise to the NHL is notable, butI don't think as dramatic as you portray it to be.
I think I have to say that it was the quote about how "The Great Savard" that had gotten my attention. Maybe it is time for me to let this one go as I feel I have said too much already. If I have offended anybody with my remarks about Savard, I apologise. But, as for the hurdles and the adversities Michael Ryder went thru after junior, and believe me, there were many of them, it was Savard who caused them. You think the story portrayed in the media about the difficult road for Ryder said alot, if only you knew the whole story you would have a different opinion of Savard. But, I guess that should be left in the past, after all, Michael has shown Savard how wrong he had been. Maybe in a funny sort of way, the Great Savard did help him. I guess I am letting something bother me that doesn't matter anymore. End of story!!! By the way, Ryder signed this year only because of Gainey!!!

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