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10-07-2007, 10:34 PM
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Trying on some new gear tomorrow

Maybe even buying. Specifically new Ice skates and new gloves.

I'm on a limited budget as always, but of course gloves and skates are personal preference mostly as to what fits you best.

With that said I'd like to hear what you all think of, by 3 brands you would try on in each category. I'm assuming that most easton skates fit like other easton skates, most CCMs fit like other CCMs etc....and that as the cost goes up it just means better, lighter, and obviously more expensive materials.

So again I'm looking to try on brands here, and will then choose the model of the brand fit I like that best suits my budget. Though obviously if a more expensive Easton so to say fits better than a mid ranged one for some reason, I'd re consider.

My budget would be under $200 skates preferably but I could go to $300 if there was a skate I simply could not do without. (I play Ice two days a week, so I'm sure this price range can keep up)

Gloves under $100 or under $80 would be nice. I play roller a lot more often than Ice so if I can't get gloves to keep up with all the hockey I play, I'd just use em for ice.

(i say top 3 because I feel like if I try on any more I'll come across as a jerk and will absolutely NEED to buy something to ever be welcome at the store again)

I'll offer what I'm considering now just to see if my mind can be swayed, so top 3: (feel free to offer model names too however)

CCM Vector
Nike Bauer

CCM Vector

Thanks, again this is just opinion, but I want to see what most people prefer.

In short, the question here is:
If you were going to try on 3 new pairs of gloves, and 3 new pairs of skates...what brand would you target?

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