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03-19-2004, 02:27 AM
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Originally Posted by oilers_guy_eddie

And some the hypocrisy is getting ridiculous as well. Writers who are citing violence as the reason Americans don't like hockey while baseball (with frequent fights and deliberate bean-balls) or auto-racing (with frequent dangerous crashes and occasional death) are hugely popular... just doesn't cut it.
You wanna talk about hypocrisy... how about a country with a history of violence like no other, which claims its roots on right to bare arms, and not only practices eye for an eye justice (the death penalty), but has more than 11,000 gun deaths a year... producing writers such as this guy who feel the need to write a column about the damaging effects of a sport which no one in his country watches anyway. It's like writing an article about the negative effects of violence in cricket!

It has been stated again and again: Canada is one of, if not the, most peaceful nations on earth, and while many american journalists don't seem to agree with this, Hockey fighting is the extent of our violence.

You wanna get rid of all Canadian hockey players... be my guest pal, if you don't appreciate the game for what it is... that's fine with me. But to accuse all Canadians of being "goons" who taint the game in any way means only one thing... you don't deserve to watch it.

Next time you think about opening your mouth again... stuff it with another doughnut.

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